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Top tips for moving into your first home

We recently caught up with Rune Sovndahl, Co-founder and CEO of Fantastic Services, to get his top tips and practical advice for first time buyers moving into their new home…

Congratulations! Soon you will be moving into your new home. You are probably hyped-up about choosing the furniture and decorating the place. But before we get to the fun part, there’s just this one thing that you have to take care of first. The move. It’s one of those big once-or-twice in a lifetime ordeals that can be stressful and tiresome. So here are my top tips to make this a little bit easier.

Don’t underestimate it
If this is your first time moving (or you haven’t done it in a while), then you might underestimate just how exhausting (both mentally and physically) a move can be. It’s not just getting from point A to point B. There are a lot of things that you need to take care of. You are probably excited about moving into your new home, but don’t let the daydreaming distract you from all the things that need your attention right now.

Start the preparations early
There is no need to wait for the precise move-out and move-in dates. You already have a good idea of when those might be. So, start to consider which are the things that you can prepare, sort out, and research in advance. And, of course, lists are your friends. Make lists for everything – including which belongings you will be moving to your new home and what contractual obligations you need to fulfil concerning your current residence.

Tell your family and friends about the move

Consider this advice to be one of the “early preparation” things that you need to do. It’s not just about updating the people in your life about what’s going on with you. There are a couple of practical reasons behind it. Going through relocation is a stressful time, so friends and family might offer their help or at least not bug you for a while until you’ve settled. Just tell Aunt Karen you’ll see what’s wrong with her phone after you’ve moved!

Sort out the old place
The last thing you want to pop out of nowhere when you have finally moved into your new home is something unresolved related to your previous residence. It would be as if you already moved, but that stressful, tiresome experience just refuses to be forgotten and stay in the past where it belongs. You can’t really argue with your past self to deal with whatever slipped your attention back then, so, take the time now and be very pedantic about things like contractual obligations, landlord matters, bills, change of address and so on.

Mind your budget
Moving is an expense. There’s just no way around it. So, factor that in when you are planning your budget for the month when you are moving. Hence, planning early for your move plays such an important role. Consider the cost as early as possible and maybe go into “savings mode” if necessary.

Consider the environment
When people move out, a lot of items are thrown away without a second thought. Furniture, appliances, carpets, mattresses, you name it. So, think about the things that are fully functional that you can give to friends and family, or simply donate to a charity. Another great option, consider having them professionally cleaned or repaired if you’d like to continue to use them. The point is to slow down the rate at which we contribute to landfill.

Do a video survey with a moving company

When you pick a moving company, schedule a video survey. Basically, just get into a conference call, turn your camera on and show them the belongings and items that you would like to have them move. This way you will receive a more precise quote on your move and save some time. Moving companies are quite flexible, so you can ask them to deliver packing materials and pack things on your own or let the removal firm handle that for you if you prefer.

Keep important documents and paperwork separate
Have a designated folder or even a suitcase for important documents and paperwork. Don’t pack those things with the rest of your belongings, especially if they contain private information. Either take them with you on the day of your move or entrust them to a company that specialises in “sensitive” deliveries.

Prioritise your essentials
The day of your move and those surrounding it might be tiresome and hectic. Chances are you are moving to a new location that you are not all that familiar with. Ensure that you have access to your “essentials” whatever those might be to you. For example, stock up on prescription medicine in advance. Or even your favourite hot sauce that you just can’t do without. Also, it is a good idea to pack some essential toiletries in a separate bag. Finally make sure the new place has a reliable internet connection when you get there in case you work from home.

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