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Buyers’ Guide – Credit Score

Buyers’ Guide – Credit Score

Credit Score

Get a credit report from Experian or Equifax, and make sure there are no default accounts, CCJs (county court judgements) or missed payments. If you are making lots of enquiries to find the best deal, make sure the lenders log your enquiry as a ‘quotation’ (soft) search rather than an ‘application’ (hard) search. Too many applications will leave ‘footprints’ on your credit score and can affect your rating. To improve your credit score, make sure you’re on the electoral roll, and pay your bills and any loan repayments on time.

Man Checking his credit score

Top Tips for improving your credit score

  • Make sure your credit rating is sound and there are no mistakes on your file and pay off any debts you can.  
  • Your mortgage lender will calculate your credit score to help them decide whether to lend to you.  
  • Build your credit history, make payments on time. 
  • Check out for all the top tips. 

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