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FeaturedShared OwnershipSt Arthur Homes unveils new branding designed for the shared ownership market

St Arthur Homes unveils new branding designed for the shared ownership market

Shared ownership provider St Arthur Homes has unveiled its vibrant new branding, designed by creative specialists AF OLIVER:

‘What would St Arthur do?’.

Created to support the launch which seeks to dispel any stigma around shared ownership, or ‘the elephant in the room’, telling would-be buyers that although St Arthur is not the biggest shared ownership provider around, it is the biggest thinker. It’s a name people can trust, one which has been cementing its place as a thought leader in the industry for some time now.

Louise Mills, Sales Director for St Arthur Homes, said: “Our new branding reflects who we are – forward-thinking experts that buyers can trust. We want people to know that they can rely on us, that they can turn to us and that they can ask us anything. “There can be some stigma around shared ownership but we are on a mission to change that, and to show how fantastic it can be as an option – not just for first time buyers but those who have already owned a home too.

“When people discover shared ownership as an option and explore it further, we really do want them to ask themselves: ‘What would St Arthur do?’. We are confident that we have the answers that can help many onto or up the housing ladder, in a home they truly love.”

For more information on the energy-efficient new homes provided by St Arthur Homes, visit

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