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Navigating the Property Market during the Festive Season

Purchasing a home during the festive season can raise both opportunities and challenges for first time buyers. Developers see a spike in interest online during the Christmas period as people have time to think about their upcoming year and goals that they want to set for the New Year, and house window shopping is always fun!

Developers sometimes roll out attractive offers during the holiday season to entice buyers. These can include discounts, stamp duty contributions, or upgraded fixtures, making it a great time to secure a new build property whether that be on the open market or through a scheme such as shared ownership. Shared ownership allows buyers to purchase a portion of a property and pay rent on the remaining share. Investigate available schemes and find out whether you are eligible.

Many developers sell properties off-plan, allowing buyers to secure units before completion. The holiday season might see developers offering incentives for off-plan purchases, providing a chance to lock in a property at a favourable price.

Housing associations (HAs) offer shared ownership schemes. Reach out to them for guidance on available properties, eligibility criteria, and the application process as they can help with it all.  They can provide lots of information into navigating shared ownership opportunities during the festive season. Many show homes will still be open to view over between Christmas and New Year, however, ensure that you call and book to avoid a wasted journey.

While the period between Christmas and New Year might offer advantages on deals etc, the process of buying through shared ownership or on the open market (Private developers) can be complex and therefore take time. Stay patient, positive and remain flexible!

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