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Buyers GuideNavigating Shared Ownership: Insights from the Developer's Doctor

Navigating Shared Ownership: Insights from the Developer’s Doctor

Explore the world of shared ownership with insights from Louise Mills, Sales and Marketing Director at St Arthur Homes. Discover the reasons behind the surge in affordable housing sales, the appeal of new build homes, and what sets St Arthur Homes apart in the competitive market.

The Rise of Shared Ownership

Q: I am a first time buyer, and with the recent surge in affordable housing sales, I’m a bit confused. Why do you think this surge has happened?

A: We’ve observed this surge in our numbers too. With the end of Help to Buy, first time buyers are exploring alternative paths to homeownership. Shared ownership, particularly with the option of “staircasing,” allows buyers to gradually increase their property ownership percentage, proving to be an ideal solution in the current market conditions.

The Allure of New Build Homes

Q: What, in your opinion, is the biggest appeal of a new build home for buyers?

A: New build homes offer various advantages, such as energy efficiency leading to significant cost savings on annual energy bills. Additionally, the appeal lies in starting with a clean slate – no need to fix past mistakes or deal with outdated decor. A new build home provides a canvas for buyers to shape their own living space.

Setting St Arthur Homes Apart

Q: With numerous affordable ownership providers available, what sets St Arthur Homes apart?

A: St Arthur Homes stands out with its commitment to making shared ownership an aspirational choice. Our team, with a background in national housebuilders, brings values that prioritize customer support throughout the entire homebuying process. We aim to dissolve any stigma associated with shared ownership homes and focus on building transparent and honest relationships with our partners on-site.

Ready to explore more insights on shared ownership and the first time buyer market? Dive into the full magazine at First Time Buyer Magazine.

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