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Top Trends for 2014

top trends 14

top trends 14


The seventh in our series on interiors by Katie McCrum, a member of the British Institution of Interior Design (BIID) and founder and MD of London Rooms Design & Development Ltd >>


Interior design changes just like the fashion industry, so here’s a little glimpse at what’s in store for 2014:

Yellow is the hot favourite, and other strong players will be teal blue, apple red and khaki. Pastels are also back on trend. Soft delicate pastels in natural hues are offset with unexpected primary colours or neutralised with greys creating contrasting bursts of life to a room. Pistachio green, powder blues and cupcake pinks have gone from baby to brilliant. Not surprisingly, the matte black finish of the car world will now also be entering the world of interiors.

Those patterned curtains your grandma used to have alongside chintzy wallpaper and the vintage sofa textile are making an even bigger comeback in 2014. Moving on from the floral prints that were popular this year, we will also see more explosive, exciting geometric patterns in primary colours. Think vivid shapes, bold wall hangings, rugs and cushions. This look is not about matching things up by colour or design, it is transient and fun with a reference to childhood innocence. This includes prints of woodland creatures, especially foxes and birds.

Furniture & Surfaces
Expect to see organic curves,geometric shapes and skeletal furniture pieces with wire frames. Raw materials such as wood and marble will be used to ease out the sharpness that some of the geometrics might bring. The manmade finishes will be concrete, glass, steel and coloured Perspex.

Cord lighting is here to stay, but look out for even thinner, finer cables in pendant lighting and coloured cords that follow a somewhat linear path, combined with light features that are spherical or triangular in shape.

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