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The third in our series on interiors by Katie McCrum, a member of the British Institution of Interior Design (BIID) and founder and MD of London Rooms Design & Development Ltd >>


Spring is finally here, so it’s time for a change! Cast off winter’s dark palette, and breathe new life into your home.

Here are some great, affordable and simple ideas to help you make over your space for the new season: 

Elbow grease
Spring is about lightening and brightening so first, clean the windows – it’s so simple, and it will really brighten up a room.

Prepare to purge
Clutter is a drag, and we’re not just talking about the messy cupboards and piles of shoes at the bottom of the stairs. Clutter permeates all aspects of our lives, from unpaid bills to mismatched socks. If you’re a confirmed hoarder and are facing the challenge with trepidation, you may need to enlist the help of a clutter-buddy. Look for organising solutions for your home. Any spot that is overcrowded or unorganised can drain your energies as it swallows objects and fills your life with clutter.

Turn clutter into cash
Car boot sales and ads in local papers or online at auction sites such as are a great way of profiting from your clutter. One caveat, though – if you put things in this box, you MUST follow through with your plan to sell. If you haven’t made any moves within two weeks, recycle, recycle!

If you have snug, heavy window treatments or dense material on your sofas, now’s the time for a revamp. Faux fur, wool and velvet are out of place in the spring and summer months. Remove the curtains, and replace them with light, airy sheers. They will let the sunlight in and do wonders for your outlook! Replace the covers on your sofa or chairs with paler tones and colourful patterns, and try tossing a lightweight throw in a fresh colour on the back of your sofa.

Warm rugs look just right in winter. But when the temperature rises, it’s time to roll them up and replace them for summer with sisal or cotton rugs in light, cool colours. Take the opportunity to get the rugs cleaned and ready for use again later in the year.

If your furniture focal point was the fireplace, move it all around and move the outlook to face the outside and bright, summer views. Switch one piece of furniture from one room to another. It will help you rethink your design and see your room in a new way.


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