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Buying a property for the first time is probably the biggest purchase you’ll ever make, so it is important to try and save as much as possible and is the perfect time to look at how much you spend on household bills. It would be great to find a way to claw some money back each month. The good news is that there are typically hundred of pounds in savings to be made on household bills each year by using Onedox

Taking gas and electricity as an example, the findings of a Competitions and Markets Authority investigation into the UK energy market, published in March, found that UK consumers overpay by an average of over £200 a year, simply by not being on a competitive energy tariff.

If you have been renting, you should be careful that you don’t start paying more than you were previously for your gas and electricity; which typically happens if you remain on the default tariff you are given when you move into your new home.

How Onedox can help
Onedox is a secure, free app, designed to make it easy for consumers to save time and money on household bills like energy, internet, landline and your mobile. Collectively, we overpay by billions of pounds each year, just by being on the wrong tariffs. Onedox has been designed to address this challenge, making it easy to keep an eye on bills and ensure we aren’t paying too much. This can be particularly helpful when moving into your first home, given there are so many other things to organise and pay for.

Once you’ve created your Onedox account and linked your household accounts, it automatically collects your bills, alerts you when contracts are coming to an end and helps you save money by letting you know if you’re paying too much and assisting with switching to a better deal. The safety of customer data is paramount and, as such, the service incorporates highly sophisticated security measures – including bank-level data encryption, the use of Amazon data centres for secure data storage and employing independent third parties to carry out regular security reviews.

Some Onedox customers describe it as a Personal Assistant for your household bills; it automatically files them in one secure place and then tells you when you need to do something to save money!

To create a free Onedox account visit the Onedox website at onedox.com

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