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We have extended the closing date for our survey into house-buying

First Time Buyer Magazine wants the views of house buyers.

We have created an online questionnaire here ( to capture the thoughts and experiences of people who have bought – or who are trying to buy – a new home.

It takes less than ten minutes to complete and, as an incentive to take part, we are offering a £500 prize to one lucky winner. People who are willing to take part in a brief follow-up telephone survey will be entered into a second draw for an additional £500 prize.

First Time Buyer Magazine Editor Lynda Clark said: “We are keen to hear from anyone currently searching for a new house or who has purchased a new house in the past twelve months.

“We are working with some leading builders on this project so your opinions will go straight to the people who really matter – the people who are designing, building and selling new homes.

“Whether your search and purchase involved a brand-new home or an established property, and whether it was actually your first house or not, your views will help to shape the way that the housebuilding industry meet the needs of home buyers in the future.”

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