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Eight Ways to Maximise your Kitchen



The fourth in our series on interiors by Katie McCrum, a member of the British Institution of Interior Design (BIID) and founder and MD of London Rooms Design & Development Ltd >>


If, like me, you have a small kitchen you’ll know what a nightmare it can be to store all the things you need and still have enough working space to cook up a storm.

Here’s how to make the best use of your kitchen space:

Find extra space
If you have space on your walls, use it to put up open shelves or wall units. How do you reach the top shelf? Consider purchasing a pair of plinth steps that can be cleverly stored underneath your kitchen work surface.

Another way of using overhead space, if you have a high enough ceiling, is to get a ‘Sheila Maid’. It’s not only good for hanging laundry, if you have some butchers’ hooks you can also use it to hang all of your pans, utensils and strings of garlic, and it will free up worktop space.

Utilise the space under the sink by installing a pull-out bin or wire pull-out racks to hold your kitchen cleaning products.

Worktop space
Get a cover for your sink so you can chop on the top, and trimmings can go straight into the garbage disposal or your vegetable recycling bin. A cover for your cooker does much the same job.

Foldaway and movable furniture
This is a great way to add worktop space, especially if you can move them around. Butchers’ blocks on wheels are ideal. A table with leaves can be folded out to create a full-size dining table in the evening or when you have guests.

Recessed spotlights or spotlights on tracking are amazing for adding a feeling of light and space, and directing them above the areas where you do most of your food preparation means that not only will your kitchen seem bigger but you will also be able to use the whole worktop area more efficiently.

Refreshing your walls or kitchen doors with a lick of paint is a great way to freshen things up. Remember, clean light colours will make the space feel larger.

Compact kitchen appliances
Slimline dishwashers, smaller capacity washing machines and, when floor space is limited, go for a slim depth fridge. You may have to shop more often, but your food will be fresher!

Other areas
Your kitchen isn’t the only room in the house to have its own source of water, so with this in mind, consider putting your washing machine or freezer in another area such as the hallway cupboard.

Store items you use infrequently (like serving dishes or special occasion tableware) outside the kitchen – in hallways or wardrobes.


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