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5 Top Tips – Buying a bed and mattress for your first home

Shopping for beds isn’t something you do very often and if it’s for your first home then it’s likely to be a totally new experience. A good bed and mattress, one that will last you for many years to come, is an investment. So it’s worth doing your research first

Warren Evans_ 12rtHere are some tips from bed makers Warren Evans, award-winning experts in handcrafting beds and mattresses, on how to shop for your first bed:

Consider your room style & size – if you have a large room then a bold frame with a large headboard and strong finish will create a statement and give the room a focal point – a smaller, simple frame may look lost in such a generous space. If you have a small bedroom then avoid using frames with large headboards or footboards as it can consume all of your precious space. With our clever  space-saving range the mattress sits on top of the frame so is perfect for smaller rooms. If you have low ceilings or you’re in a loft space with low eaves then a bed designed in a minimalist, Japanese style bed and room interior works well. Enhance the final finish by choosing furniture to match, or compliment your new bed and voila!

Storage Solutions – no matter how big or small your bedroom is, it’s a good idea to opt for a bed that can accommodate storage – whether you prefer fitted or free standing storage, one can never have enough!

Try Before You Buy – there’s plenty to look at online but you can’t beat going to a real showroom to experience all of the beds and mattresses on offer. There’s actually quite a lot of technical information to think about when making this purchase and sales staff should be highly trained to help you find a bed and mattress that will suit you. A bed and mattress is an investment so always be sure to check out the guarantees on the items – a long guarantee will ensure your items are well made and will last you for years to come. We guarantee our products for 10 years because we believe it’s vital to use the best materials and crafting methods to give you a bed that will last. Our products, as they have been for 37 years, are handmade using FSCUK certified wood, quality materials and mortise and tenon joints.

Shop Together – if you’re a couple then you should always try out the bed and mattress together. In our  National Sleep Survey it was found that 66% of couples cited their partner as the main cause of their disrupted sleep, with bed size playing a key role. Sleep Expert Dave Gibson advises, “both lie on the bed with your arms behind your head, if your elbows touch then you ideally need to get a bigger bed (if space allows!).”

Mattress Matters – a good quality blow up mattress is key to a good night’s sleep so talk to the sales staff who will be able to advise you on the best one. Pocket sprung, coil and memory foam the main types of mattresses so there’s lots to consider! It’s important to ensure you find the right mattress for you, so we let you trial any of our mattresses for 120 nights, with the option to exchange for different one if it isn’t quite right.  We believe in crafting quality mattresses, which is why we’re thrilled to have been voted within the top two ‘Best Mattress Retailers’ in 2015 by Which? members. Here’s some more details on our 120 Night Trial.

Choosing a bed with wide enough slats (around 5.5 inches), spaced about 1.5 to 2 inches apart, will also ensure your new mattress it sufficiently aired and supported. This enables it to dry out whilst supporting the structure, and so longevity, of your wonderful mattress.

Happy shopping!

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