5 things to be wary of when viewing a potential home

Homebuyers checklist

When it comes to finding your first home, no stone should be left unturned. It’s a big step that will cost thousands of pounds and you want to be sure that the house you choose is worth what’s being asked for it. No new homeowner wants to be shocked by an extra repair they missed when viewing, and the cost needed to fix it

According to a recent study, almost half , 48% of 2000 Brits surveyed would prefer to buy a home that doesn’t need repair work. 14% were willing to increase their budget for a ready to move into home. While this is what many prefer, the reality is often very different. It’s rare to find the absolute perfect home when house hunting – there’ll always be a paint colour that needs changing or a door that needs fixing. With that in mind, it’s always handy to have a checklist to mark off the improvements you’ll want to do in a potential property.

The AA have put together a new Homebuyer’s Checklist covering 13 areas house hunters should inspect, with what questions to ask too. It’ll help you understand what work a house needs as well as how much more the repairs will cost you. Here are five points from the checklist that we think are important when viewing a house:

•    Roof and Attic: Look up at the ceilings for cracks, drips and any staining.
•    Central heating and boiler: Find out what type of boiler is e.g. wall hung, combi boiler or condensing boiler.
•    Electrics: If there are any built-in appliances, check to see they are working.
•    Radiators: Are there any signs of rust on the radiators themselves?
•    Windows: Check for any misting within double glazed windows as this shows the seal is damaged.

Are there any more points you think should be included on the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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